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A wide and innovative range of highly professional security services


Shebla Security Guard Company
About Us

Shebla Security Guard Co

Shebla Company for Security Guard has been founded to provide a wide range of innovative and highly professional security services that comply with the security standards, the international and national laws and regulations that regulate the security and guarding market.

Shebla Company for Security Guard

Shebla Company for Security Guards and Security Systems pays great attention to training, as security men and women are trained on site on the basics of security and safety, first aid, organizing visitors and traffic, through national competence and providing advice through field training at work sites.


first aid

Intensive training

Public Safety


Sectors in which we work

Corporate security

Security of schools and universities

Factory security

Residential security

tourist villages

Parking management

Personal protection

Pharmaceutical companies and stores

High Protection Standards



An intensive training program to train the team to withstand high pressures

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first aid

All team members undergo first aid training courses

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Public Safety

Shebla employees work together to develop a clear strategy aimed at improving and developing the standards of protection of our customers and their property

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We fully follow the mission guidelines assigned to us by our clients

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